Sat Feb 27 17:20:07 +0000 2021

Announcement: I am temporarily suspending TurboVax

Anti-Asian hate crimes are out of control. I am taking a stand because I fear for my friends and family

Two days ago, a 36-yo Asian man was stabbed, completely unprovoked, in Chinatown. He is currently in a medically-induced coma and would be lucky to survive.

I’ve walked past that corner hundreds of times. On another day, that could’ve been me


Earlier this month, 61-yo Noel Quintana was slashed from ear-to-ear while on his way to work. Nobody rendered any aid, so he staggered out of the L train alone to find help. He received almost 100 stitches. He could’ve been your dad or mine


Our elders are being shoved, robbed, and doused with chemicals. For what ends?

I ask that you take the following actions:


1) Call, write or tweet your local representatives and ask what steps they are taking to stop Asian hate. Moral platitudes are nice, but we should demand concrete action from our elected officials.

2) If you witness a hate crime, document, report and—only when safe—intervene.

We know that crimes like these are vastly under-reported, due to language barriers or fear of police. We must understand the scale of this problem before we can solve it.


3) Be an ally. Educate yourself on the issue. Ask the Asian-Americans in your life how they’re coping.

I’ll be attending this rally today at 1PM. I hope to see you there


I’ve poured my heart and soul into building this tool for the benefit of all New Yorkers. I believe it’s only right that I share this moment of intense fear and anxiety with my fellow New Yorkers as well.

TurboVax will be back at 12PM Monday.

Sat Feb 27 17:20:08 +0000 2021