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Fri Nov 08 01:50:22 +0000 2019

The PMD ban really exemplifies the point @edouard_louis made about how politics can directly shake the lives of the working class & the poor overnight. While the middle- & upper-class continue their lives & may just treat this as a topic of discussion,

this has a tangible impact on people who depend on them for their livelihood. What we're seeing is a massive layoff of people from their jobs. It also speaks to how precarious these jobs are within the gig economy because they have so little protection & basic workers' rights.

These jobs do not provide them with CPF, medical benefits, unionization (I am unsure if there's insurance). I couldn't find another account of the PMD drivers' collective meeting so here's one from M*th*rsh*p. The MP didn't even show up. https://t.co/jRRkhk0TFa

If you know or talk to people who work in these jobs full-time you'll know that they work so hard. They usually work every single day till late. How are you going to shame & tell people they have to work hard to make a decent living & then pull the rug from their feet?

Reminder that some time back foodpanda riders across the causeway were protesting a change that threatened their rice bowl too! This is part of a larger problem of increasing precarity & the erosion of workers rights & protection we're experiencing today. https://t.co/T8c0osYJDt

It should be said that while this shift in the job infrastructure impacts the lower-income a lot more, it is happening across the board into the middle-class. There are increasing numbers of contract jobs instead of permanent jobs (which means less incentive for employers ...

to provide benefits & protection. You are all threatened. So care about pushing for a greater base of protection, the re-instituting of workers' rights & autonomy, collective action & care, & a radical rethinking of what is understood as work.

update: let's hope this process will be smooth enough for the riders.. https://t.co/rDfLZ0MUxJ