Amélie E. Koran
Thu Dec 24 00:16:30 +0000 2020

BTW, a little primer that got buried in a recent thread - but is applicable for the "Why didn't the US Government do better for the #SolarWInds since we there so much money and resources at it..." - the simple answer is, "we didn't , actually" and here's a little why. #thread

I officially became a Fed in 2010, but was a contractor in 2006/2007 and an FFRC staff 2009/2010, so I got back a ways... but the Federal budgeting process has changed a little in that time... thank you deficit spending.

Our housing bubble famously exploded in 2008, so THAT was fun. But it caused some scramble on how the Federal government went about funding stuff. Mainly, as tax dollars dried up a little and folks supposedly got serious about balanced budgets, agencies were forced to...

...think about programs that were previously multi-year behemoths, as well as statutory programs (like Medicare, etc.) that were going to have their operations affected by pullbacks. We called it "sequestration" in 2013, and it occurred after the Budget Control Act of 2011

It affects agencies and their planning to this day (and I can't imagine when it won't especially after the pandemic now) - but often the agencies create budget plan given their missions, some new stuff they may want to do, like modernization, etc. - and formulate a budget request

This goes to OMB for review and markup... basically always ask for a little more than you need, but don't pad it too bad, because, like Pawn Stars, you're gonna be negotiating... but usually it's less than what you wanted because of that Budget Act...

oh, totally forgot about passback... not going to go into too much depth here... but that shit is fun AF... if you have any Federal officials who do budgeting, this is the time you are REALLY nice to them.

Thu Dec 24 00:55:11 +0000 2020