Winston Chow (周祥龙) 🇸🇬
Sat Jan 02 03:09:35 +0000 2021

Paying attention to a record that may be broken today for rainfall in Singapore.

The highest total rainfall *in one day* for *January* is 216.2 mm for manned weather stations (238.2 mm for automated weather stations). (1/n)

As of 1030am, the Changi Airport station has measured 159 mm of rainfall since midnight. With the monsoon surge not expected to cease until tomorrow, chances are this record will be broken with time to spare. (2/n)

Actually - if one defines "daily" rainfall as any 24-hour period that doesn't start at midnight, the Changi station has already measured 277.4 mm of rain from 9am yesterday until 9am today. But that's the quirks of record-keeping! (3/n)

Typically, Singapore experiences an average of 234.6 mm of total rain for the month of January per the 1981- 2010 climate normals. Looks like that's been exceeded at the station of record in one day. (4/n)

Before anyone says "this is climate change!" hang on as:
1) Monsoon surges are typical this season;
2) A surge on 2 Dec 1978 dropped 512.8 mm of rain over 24 hrs, which caused SG's last fatal flood event😳;
3) SE Asia is in a La Nina phase now = more rainfall than normal. (5/n)

Now, onto figuring out how to dry my damp clothes for the next few days...(end)

Sat Jan 02 03:09:40 +0000 2021